Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good News!

They are putting the house on the market. They've met with a realtor, pictures happening today I believe, house on market next Tuesday. This is the aggressive plan, maybe not even wholly unrealistic.

I went over a couple evenings last week, helped move boxes down to a 'staging' area in the garage. Sunday was yard work, mulching, painting the fence. Tonight probably more boxes. My mom had been using the professional organizers too, an extra set of hands, so that's great. I guess it's at a point where the remaining stuff can be stowed out of sight (i.e. in garage) while the dwelling area is showcased. Hurrah!!!

Also no need to sign the home equity note.

I'm unfortunately starting to get sick I think. I'm so so so tired. But it's really going somewhere. I think it really might just happen... don't want to get my hopes up tooooo much, but it's looking good, realtor says it's actually not too bad a time to sell even.

Haha... the gif looks slightly ridiculous with that border around it. Ah well.


  1. That is some exciting news! I hope they follow through; follow-through is the most frustrating part of Hoarding to me.

    If you don't mind, what was the catalyst for their decision?

    And all my best to you and this sale!!!

  2. Well that has been their goal all along. Sell the house because they need the money and they don't need it and they have only 1 kid at home who's moving out in less than a year. I think the winter is coming and they're trying to get it taken care of by then. Well my dad is. My mom is very very reluctant about the whole process.

    It puts my sister and me in a tough spot because we see the reason behind what my dad is doing, but try to be supportive of my mom too. The two are kind of at odds, unfortunately.