Thursday, May 12, 2011


We met with Dad last night. I did most of the talking this time. Went pretty well. He and my mom are going to talk things over and get back to us. I am hopeful.

He said that he did think that we were maybe blowing up the negative possibilities (i.e. if we end up having to go the dumpster route, how Mom would respond - he didn't think it would be as bad as we did). But he did say that he respected our opinions. We framed the whole thing in how we CARE and are CONCERNED. Basically we all see her making a lot of progress in terms of being able to let stuff go, and want this to be a permanent trend.

So, they'll get back to us this weekend. But even if they decide they won't go with the organizer, at least it is a good feeling to know we are doing everything we can.

It's inner growth for me too, standing up to my Dad like that.

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