Thursday, March 3, 2011

Clutter, Clots, Clogs

So in some of my research, I've been learning about the different kinds of messiness that can exist.
  • Clutter is the messiness that is a part of daily living for a lot of people.  You use things, you put them away, sometimes there's a bit of a time gap in between.  However, the important feature distinguishing between clutter and clots/clogs is that the items in the clutter can be - and are - used.  Its location isn't permanent.  It can move and shift pretty easily.  We all experience clutter at different points in our lives.  
  • Clots are small pockets of clutter which haven't been moved for a period of six months.  However, all the rooms in the residence are still functional; the clots don't interfere with sleeping for the bedroom, cooking and eating for the kitchen, using the toilet and bathing for the bathroom, etc.  Clots can include:
    • Piles of mail
    • Laundry 
    • Unfinished projects
  • Clogs are when clots join together and take over an entire room which can no longer function as its intended purpose but instead serves as a "dumping ground" or storage area for the clutter.
I just thought it was interesting. And that the distinction between whether the mess is permanent or not and the distinction between whether the room fulfills its function or not are both helpful ones.  Anyway, in other news, I heard back from Gail Steketee's colleague on contact info for some professionals who specialize in hoarding. She also recommended this book: 

which I have requested from the library.   

    Compulsive Hoarding: 
    Compulsive Hoarding UK:

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