Friday, June 1, 2012


I'm moving into a smaller room within my apartment to save a little bit on my monthly rent. That $60 each month adds up! We're fortunately between roommates for one of the rooms so that gives everybody a chance to play musical rooms without too much frenzy. Anyway, I have moved approximately half of my stuff into the new room. I love it with this amount of stuff in it (okay even a little more stuff would be okay, like on the shelves above the desk, for example). But I still feel like I want to seriously pare down on my possessions.

Here is the new room:

I don't have my shoes, some of my clothes, any of my sports or camping equipment, my books, or hobby supplies. Yet, somehow there is a lot more stuff in my old room beside those things I just mentioned. I've decided, if there's not a good, reasonable place for it in the new room, I think I am going to need to get rid of it. Even if it is cute/pretty, or from a friend or family member, or reminds me of something nice.

The plus side is that I can be a lot more ruthless with myself/my own stuff. I might regret it later, but probably I won't.


  1. Why thank you! I haven't posted in ages... but it was definitely helpful for me as I was working through stuff :)

    Do you have a hoardy parent? Or just into simplifying?