Monday, August 15, 2011

Feeling a Bit Better Now

Whenever I spend time with my mom and it's particularly frustrating, I always find myself with this very strong urge or almost compulsion to CLEAN, to THROW THINGS AWAY, to MAKE STUFF with my craft supplies. So, this past weekend I cleaned the whole apartment, got rid of a bunch of stuff, made a pillow cover, cleaned again (after hosting a Sunday brunch)... it feels so good to do that kind of thing, to live in my own space and to make it how I like it. Maybe it's also a little bit proving to myself that I don't have to be like my mom, afraid to part with stuff, afraid to use things, afraid to make creative messes - ironically... Also to prove that I can train myself to have a healthy relationship to my possessions and my own dwelling.

Even if there doesn't seem to be much progress with my mom, there is progress with ME, and there can always be progress with me, if I'm willing and able to put in the effort.

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