Friday, July 22, 2011


I have a tag in my gmail for "hoarding" and one in my google docs as well. Haha. That is funny. I sometimes don't realize things are weird and then I take a step back and nope, it's pretty effing weird.

We have been going through the scrapbooking supplies. It's so hard, somehow. I can of course see that it's more than she uses, more than she'll ever need, it's piled up, crammed in there in a totally non-organized manner, spilling onto the floor, she can't use it like that, yet she still feels like each item is so important. Anyway though we are paring the collection down to about 1/8th the size, hopefully a more manageable amount, and having a give-away for the ladies at church, because they are all over that craft stuff.

I told her once they move into the new place I'd have the professional organizer come and help make a little craft area that's nice and useable. 

Sometimes I feel like the whole thing is a farce, some elaborate story we’re telling ourselves. We’ll never get to the bottom of it. They’ll never sell the house. There will never be a new house. But no, there is progress, things are looking better. I think the craft supplies are the last big obstacle. Thank God for my sisters. Really.

Had a nice trip to Cape Cod last week. I'm making sure I am enjoying my summer, too. Life is here, it's now, it's to enjoy, even when you're dealing with crazy shit. 

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