Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yesterday Bubs* and I worked with Mom for almost the entire day. Dad needs to get to the floors in the kitchen/breakfast area to see if they need to be repaired, so that has been the main goal of late.  Yesterday was somehow very draining, moreso than any of the other times we have worked with her.

So, today, for self-therapy, I went through a little box of stuff I've been putting off dealing with, leftover from my move in September. I threw away pretty much everything except for 4 things. I also packed up a box of stuff to bring to Goodwill.  Went to the gym and did rowing machine/treadmill.  Went to the grocery store.  Made chai tea for my roommates.  Chopped up a pineapple.  Somehow doing all of this makes me feel good and not so depressed.

Anyway.  I gotta run that box to Goodwill. I have some buddies coming over for dinner tonight, and I will probably want a nap at some point. 

I'll write a more formal intro post very soon. I just wanted to get started on this!  I think it will be therapeutic.

*I have five siblings ranging from 17 to 31.  I will not use their real names on here. Instead, they shall be known as: Nipper (17F), Spike (19M), Mimi (21F), Bubs (24F), me (27F), and Doc (31M). 

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